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24 July 2021
The Wombat & Lerderderg State Forest is where a lot of Victorians (and interstaters) have been trail riding for many decades, its also where many others go four wheel driving, horse riding, shooting and mountain bike riding.
This area is has now been designated a National Park which will severely restrict all activities in this area. Many good trails will surely be closed, feral cats and dogs will no longer fear shooters, their free reign will be at the expense of possums and wallabies etc

I don't normally get too political but this decision needs to be reversed so we can all benefit from this area and not have it locked away.
This petition needs to be signed by the 30 November 2021
and get your family and friends onto it too although you must have a Victorian residence to sign.


As of July 2021 due to an increased demand for new chambers, silencers and frame kits I am now no longer offering repairs to exhausts, fuel tanks, frames or general welding repairs as I'm now concentrating on production of new components only.

My Online Shop is more a show piece for what I build, you will find most items out of stock as I mostly build to order, if you would like to order something then sending me an email or ringing are the best options

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