Vinduro Victoria

Vinduro, a morphing of the words Vintage and Enduro.

These are basically fun, non competitive events where we relive the desire to ride our old Enduro or Trail bikes in conditions akin to what we used to ride (in the good old day).

Vinduro events, in Victoria anyway, are run on private property so no Rego is required. The loops are approx. 20 minutes long but vary from event to event. The longest to date is Harrow which can be around 45 minutes or so. It is a requirement that bikes have a headlight and taillight but it's irrelevant as to whether they work or not

The cut off for bikes is Pre 85, which means any bike that is an 84 model or earlier is eligible to ride in these events and riders must be over 16 years of age.

There are no classes as there is no competition. Riders generally set off 2 or 3 each minute at the start and after that you can continue your laps any time you so please. These are sometimes cold starts, with the penalty of failing the cold start is that your mates will be there to see and remind you for the rest of the day (best to let them start before you).

You can ask the organizers to let you start with your mates and you are free to swap rides with your mates at any time during the event.

Not sure if they are for you? Come along to an event as a spectator and check out some of the cool old bikes that are often ridden at these events (spectators are admitted free)

Check out the Gallery on this site for some of my photo's from Past Vinduro events.

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