Frame repairs

Butchered and modified frames can be brought back to original. Any frame tube can be replaced and brackets reproduced.

When doing any major work on frames I insist on heat treating them after repairs have been finished to normalise and stress relieve. This is important for any Chrome-Moly frame but is also beneficial for any 30 year old frame.

Stress relieving of frames $110.00

Normalizing of 4130 Cr Mo frames $132.00

Heat treating of Aluminium swingarms to T6 $132.00

Frame repairs start from $88.00

This CCM example needed the rear tubes from swingarm pivot to shock mounts replaced, the backbone tube needed to be extended 50mm back to it's original length, the rear loop section needed sections replaced as they were squashed, new shock mounts fabricated, steering stop replaced and some other minor problems attended to.

I can quote any work from photo's and will confirm any quote once I have the job in front of me.

As an example this work was $880.00 plus heat treating