Muffler repairs

New perforated cores can be made to any size for any muffler.

From $27.50

Welded steel type mufflers can be taken apart at the seams, panel beated, fitted with new cores, repacked and welded up again. If you desperately want that original look then we can bring it back to life. Squashed mufflers will repair fine, rusted and molested mufflers may show traces of imperfections.

From $ 209.00

Squashed repackable modern four stroke mufflers can also be panel beated back into life.

From $ 165.00

For any other work I can quote from photo's and will confirm any quote once I have the job in front of me.

Bultaco muffler repair.

This muffler had a patch welded onto the outside middle and some non original spring hooks.

The inside had some non original bolts welded on.

Once it was split apart at the seams it became apparent that it had no muffler packing left, which is unusual as most mufflers usually have a strange lump of fossilized packing inside.

Note the seams at each end where the muffler has had the ends chopped off in the past, probably for repacking.

Next we clean off the unwanted extras including all the bronze welds, which reveals to us what was under the patches.

Once the unsightly holes are filled in and sanded smooth we wrap the core with some new muffler packing and weld the two halves back together.

New ends and mount are then added.

Due to the thin nature of the original material not every mark can be removed.

As stated above, "rusted and molested mufflers may show traces of imperfections"

Creative painting will make this muffler look like new.

Typically, this sort of repair you can budget around $330.00