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76  RM 250 A muffler
76  RM 250 A muffler

76 RM 250 A muffler$209.00

Muffler to suit the 76 A model RM 250.

Suits chambers with 25mm OD stinger tube

The original mufflers did not have a mount to hold them, they relied on springs to hold them on, however I have found that the alloy bodied mufflers will pull them selves apart if the weight of the muffler is left to the springs for support.

This model comes with a mounting bracket which will line up with the seat bolt, however the mounting plate will need to be marked on the bike and have an 8mm hole drilled by the purchaser.
Round satin polished aluminium with steel end caps.

The endcaps are fitted with nutserts which is superior to rivets or just screwing into sheetmetal due to them having more threads to hold the screws.

Easily repackable by removing screws in endcaps.

Hand built made in Australia.

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