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Dave's not here Man
Dave's not here Man

Dave's not here Man$5.50

Dave's not here Man.

The initial print run of 50 from 2012 sold out many years ago and h
aving been asked a few times now for more copies to be printed I haven't been able to justify the cost of another print run.

Subsequently I'm now offering this book as a web link version for $5.00 plus GST.

Once your through 'checkout' you will be sent an email with the link as soon as your purchase is approved.

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Dave's not here, he's in the USA living the dream.

After spending 8 weeks in 85 taking in the MX scene in California, Dave Hammond decided to head back to the USA in 1987 for another Motocross adventure.

He persevered for five years and this is his story as told through his letters that he sent to me.

These stories have been kept secret for years as he was always telling me... "Don't tell anyone"

Five years of riding, crashes, adventures, crashes, traveling, crashes, bikes, crashes, girls, crashes, jobs, crashes, not to mention some bullshitting and the occasional crash.

It does get a bit tedious with his incessant "Geoff, you've got to come over here" comments, but you will find some interesting & fun stories in here, even if they are about Dave and I.

Classic quotes � quick reference guide.

"From the complete works of Happy Hammonds 20 Golden Greats"

#1 "I was actually uninjured at the time"

#2 "I was unconscious for a while."

#3 "I'm like a berserk, crazed warrior."

#4 "Needless to say we had to duct tape him up"

#5 "The cops held me at the sheriff's office"

#6 "Winning practice is the whole point of being a C grader"

#7 "I have found that I am at last talented at something"

#8 "Well we've so many girls all over America that we're sick of them"

#9 "Well, all I can say is "Helmets should be compulsory"

#10 "3 unattached young girls sitting here going to waste"

#11 "I've been riding bikes everyday & girls every night,"

#12 "I'm in love again, but don't worry it will only last 3 or 4 weeks"

#13 "The bitch flattened my exhaust pipe"

#14 "With each hospital visit I'm getting less agro"

#15 "I'll be racing in the vintage class next!"

#16 "If in my next letter I start talking about restoring Hodaka's then come over straight away and save me." (Dave now owns a Hodaka)

#17 "Get over here and let your little head rule your big head"

#18 "Dozens of girls in Sunnymead are heartbroken"

#19 "The verdict; a separated shoulder, a new one for me"

#20 "Like an experienced old dog, I knew I had done myself a mischief"

If you wish to find out more about these 'Classic quotes' then buy the book...

If you only buy one book this year...

It probably shouldn't be this one!!


Heaven forbid, a book review...

Hi Geoff, just letting you know that I received the book in good order and immediately read it cover to cover. I thought that you encompassed Dave's bullshitting perfectly and unlike Dave presented it in an organized and orderly fashion.

I hope that you only printed limited numbers of these as they could spread like wild fire and god forbid Dave ever becoming famous because of this. After my exploration to the US I managed to dredge through the wreckage of the "Happy Hammond" tour meeting such stars as Dave Castillo, spending my first night at Rowie's house, working with Doug Dubach as well as having candid conversations with many parasitic Kiwis and South Africans that were all grown by Hammond himself and like a bad foot fungus, left untreated, have all learned to evade the cops, immigration, tax and most of all responsibility and fend for themselves.

After watching Hammond keep countless audiences captivated both in a workshop setting, or at the close of a club day, I thought surely this can't be true. After completing my research I found it to be all very accurate - even a lot of the girl stuff. Knowing this, I wanted to tell you that you have unknowingly written the Aussie Motocrosser's bible, Dave being Jesus and you being some kind of Kawasaki enduro God that he confided in. Women bearing gifts, it had it all. I know now, that when that final day comes, and we breathe our last breath, we will walk into the light, go through customs, and ride in Europe.

Well Done Geoff

Regards Matt Rotin