I like to receive feedback about products that I build, it helps me to know if I'm on the right track or not.

I once had some CZ guru's come in for some chambers. Now, for the sake of this story we shall call these CZ gurus 'Pete' & 'TE'.

Pete (not his real name) and his mate TE had some CZeds that were different. They were building one each and required custom chambers for them.

They had one bike finished enough to build a pipe to and so I built both chambers at the same time. TE finished his bike first and took it out testing. He came back and told me that it produced heaps of horsepower but it was too peaky and asked if I could do anything about it.

No probs I said, and they brought both chambers back even though the second bike wasn't finished yet.

Now for the sake of this story we shall call these Chambers 'A'

I hung one chamber 'A' up on the workshop wall and modified the other to broaden the power a bit more. The modified chamber we will call Chamber 'B'

The feedback was that this was better but they were looking for more.

No probs I said, bring the bike back in I will try a new design from scratch.

In the meantime they found some "other" brand pipe to use until some 4 years later they finally finished the second bike and they came in for the offer of another pipe. I came up with a new design which we shall call chamber 'C'

They went away for some testing and TE liked the 'C' pipe better than that "other" brand, however Pete wasn't quite sure.

So I invited Pete around to the GMC private R & D track to try the different chambers on the same day on the same track.

We swapped pipes around, first trying the C pipe, then the "other" brand and then the B pipe. Confused and not being able to decide which was better, Pete was staring into space when he happened to focus on a pipe hanging on the workshop wall.

What pipe is that? he asked. Oh that, that's the other original pipe 'A' I said.

Let's give that a try he said, and out onto the track he went for the fourth time for the day testing pipe 'A'.

He came back in all smiling and cheerful and said "this is it, this is the pipe that works best"

Luckily Pete ducked otherwise my Cross Pane hammer would have caught him square in the forehead.

Last I heard Pete was using the "other" brand pipe and TE was using pipe 'C'