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Jan 2020
A long overdue update, health is going fine again and have been back into production for a while now but have been busy trying to catch up with orders of which I mstly build to order these days which I accept by email
I need to update my product list in my shop but in the meantime here are some PDF's with my current build lists,

Australian delivery

For export outside of Australia

July 2018

Sorry all, health issues have forced another break, I expect to be back in full swing for 2019 but if all goes well I might be back into it late in the year, just hard to make promises at the moment.

In other news, I have recently jigged some more models;

83-85 KDX 250

77 PE 250 B
Updated 77 RM 250 B
84 - 86 TS 250

74 MX 250 A

Oct 2017

More exhausts
I have jigged many more exhausts over the last couple of years but haven't been able to get them up on the site yet. You will notice that most parts are listed out of stock due to the backlog of orders and I make most exhausts to order so if your after anything please just email.

Exhausts jigged bit not listed in the shop yet;
73 450
82 250
87 - 88 250
87 - 88 430

82 CR 250 RC

Combat Wombat 125 through frame with muffler on left
Combat Wombat 125 beside frame with muffler on right

KX 500 AF

85 250

76 TS 400 centre port
78 PE 175 C
81-82 RM 125 Z/X
80-81 PE 250 T/X
84 TS 250

68 R5 twin road bike
73 DT3 250
73 SC 500
75-76 YZ 125 C/X
75 MX 250 B (right hand side system)
77 YZ 250 D
77-78 DT 400 D/E
81-82 IT 250
84-87 IT 200
84-85 YZ 80 L/N

Sept 2017

Another overdue update
Thanks to all for the well wishes over the past year, all gong well now, well as good as having Crohns disease ever gets, any one will a bowel disease will know where I'm coming from, been busy with orders ever since

May 2016
GMC Take's a break

My apologies to all for my slow replies to emails of late, my health has been going downhill of late and I haven't been sure what to promise as I had been threatened with surgery for a while now so what focus I had left was spent on finishing orders that had been paid for.

My apologies to those that I have let down with delivery of orders.

Currently sitting in hospital awaiting another bowel resection (Crohns Disease) so will be out of action for several weeks, I will be in full swing again by August, all going well maybe earlier

July 2015

(Yes I know, I need to update more often!)

Diamond Don?s raffle tickets now available.

The Whitsunday Club are once again running this raffle for the sixth year in a row.

This year there is the chance for an American to win a trip to Australia to vist VMX Magazines Classic Dirt 12

One raffle,one winner for 2 Continents.

5 lucky winners have made the trip to the USA over the last 5 years and all say it is an event you don?t want to miss.

For more info & to purchase a ticket look in the Books & Literature section of my on-line shop.

October 2014

Diamond Don?s raffle tickets now available.

The Whitsunday Club is a very switched on club and are again running this raffle for the fifth year in a row.I have not known another club to put themselves ?out there? with a raffle like this and 4 lucky winners have made this trip over the last 4 years and all say it is an event you don?t want to miss.

For more info look under Books & Literature section of the on line shop.

August 2013

Please note a change in e-mail

While my e-mail of remains the same I may be in your system as
If so then please delete the harbousat e-mail as it is now defunct and mail to that address won't reach me

(woo hoo, we are NBN connected)

May 2013

Now jigged for the IT 175 G & H model as well as the 175 J & K model chambers and mufflers.

Also jigged for the 75 Model RM 125 M & S models, I am also led to beleive this chamber will also fit the 74 TM 125

Coming soon 82 CR 250 chamber & muffler, downpipes for the 74 MX 250 to suit the Dirt Track guys.

Our Tradie Clint has taken a break for a better offer at the moment, we hope to have him back in the not too distant future

CR 480 chamber and muffler now sorted.

Breaking news, March 2013.

We have jigged for the KTM 500 & IT 175 chambers and also jigged up a replica of the Hallman frame to suit the Suzuki SP370 & DR400 engines.

News on CR 480 chambers to be announced very soon.

Our footpeg wideners have been updated with a new design which will give added grip without tearing boots to pieces.


Well I have been a bit slack with my updates but that comes from being busy in the workshop.

I did manage to sneak away for the Denman Vinduro in NSW which was an excellent event and well worth the trip, didn?t take any photos though, just too busy enjoying the riding.

I did manage to drag my camera out for the first time in a while to check out the moderns at the Off Road Championships at Broadford, see ?Capturing the moment?

The Drakeford files have now experienced the Kenda Rally here in Vic.

Workshop wise I have jigged for a few more chambers and mufflers this year?

77 & 78 YZ 125 D & E,

74 Ossa Phantom 250

83 & 84 IT 250

And I am just about to finish the jigs for the newly revamped 83 & 84 IT490.

These will be added to the shop shortly

Next is to sort the RM 370 chamber which apparently had some fitting issues and I will be looking into building some Alloy airboxes for this model as well. This will be happening very soon.


Well the first bit of news is that the website is finally up.

Ten years in the making, er, well 10 years of sitting on my arse thinking about it and a couple of months to actually put it together would be more like it.

If you notice any part of this site is not working then please let me know, I imagine it will have a few teething problems.